Friday Happy Hour: 3 Seashells

Sitting around on Friday afternoon I actually noticed Mental_Floss’s Friday Happy Hour post, and so here I am actually updating my blog with their questions.

zune (1)

1. Were you a staunch supporter of the HD-DVD format? A Zune evangelist? Big into Second Life? Google Wave? What now-defunct products and technologies of the last 20-30 years were you a big fan of?

They nailed it on their post. For me it was the Zune. It was a close comparison to the iPod at the time, but the 1st generation Zune was a better device than the available iPod. I still stand by that. Plus the translucent brown was so sexy.


2. There’s been a lot of talk this year already about 2015 being the year they visit in Back to the Future II. If you could live in any movie’s vision of the future, what would you choose?

Demolition Man, of course. Who wouldn’t want to live in a world in which Taco Bell controls everything? Plus I’d finally get to learn how the 3 seashells work.


3. Important question: Favorite cereal?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs.