I ♥ NY!

It’s well known that when it comes to sports I’m a Chicago guy.  I never thought I’d start a post with “I Love New York,” but for tonight I do.  New York has passed a law and now will become the 6th state to recognize equality in marriage for everyone.

I’ve spent most of my life living in a dark red state, and in my past I’ve spent portions of my career working places that are pretty darn conservative, so I have friends and acquaintances who probably aren’t sharing my joy right now, but I’m excited.  The right thing is being done.

And I’m excited on a somewhat personal level as well… A few years ago, while a seminarian, I was starting to feel my views on homosexuality changing.  I took a social justice class and ended up writing my paper on the coexistence of Christianity and homosexuality.  In the process I had a phone interview with Jay Vanasco.  She wasn’t the first gay person I had known, but she was the first that I spoke openly with about the inequality issues that she and others face.

Since that time Jay has moved to New York.  We haven’t kept in touch, but we are friends on Facebook, and I keep an eye on her tweets, so I’ve gotten to follow a bit of her life since then… and because of this decision today she’ll know be able to marry the woman she loves and  is engaged to.  She deserves it.  As do so many others… male or female, gay or straight.

6 down, 44+ to go.

I love NewYork.