Friday Happy Hour: Defenestration


As always, the questions come from Mental Floss, and the answers are mine…

1. According to a study by Twentysomething, Inc. that appeared in Time, 85% of college grads move back in with mom and dad. What was your first move after college? If you’re still in school, what’s your plan?

My parents had left the state in an effort to escape me, so I had no home to go back to after college.  I did move back to the same zip code in Overland Park, Kansas into a nice JoCo style apartment complex.  Years later I did find where my parents went.


2. On The Today Show earlier this week, New York Times enigmatologist Will Shortz said his favorite word is ucalegon—it means “a neighbor whose house is on fire.” Do you have any favorite obscure words you’d like to share?

Defenstration – to throw someone or something out of the window.


3. While you were in college, who was the most impressive speaker or musical act to come to your campus? I don’t necessarily mean the biggest name. Could just be someone who inspired you.

The one that comes to mind was a dude who came and lectured on having the scientific proof of the existence of God. His claim was that God existed because someday we would all be cloned, which means we would be resurrected.  Clearly not impressive in a meaningful way, but instead as a demonstration of just how crazy people could get, and still somehow be able to lecture and attempt to hold an influence on people.


4. If a cable network were to green-light a mental_floss game show, who should be the host?

Me.  No doubt.  They ended up letting Drew Carey take over The Price is Right instead of me, but I think it’s time I’m given the big shot… Or prepare to be defenestrated.