Friday Happy Hour: No, Don’t Tell Me!

Time for another edition of Mental Floss’ Friday Happy Hour. Questions theirs, answers mine.

1. I have two young daughters, and each time my wife and I didn’t know the sex until a little girl popped out to meet us. If I have any more kids, I would do the same thing. It was such a wonderful and bizarre feeling not knowing until the last second. But the obsessive planner in me completely understands why people find out. Did you (or would you) find out what you were having?

First, this is probably a question I’m not going to have to answer.  Second, even if I do someday find myself in this situation, is it ever really up to the dude?  But that being said, I would much rather wait. I’ve always thought that’s the way to go.
2. Think back to high school. What class or teacher had the most impact on the rest of your life?

D.O. AKA, Mr. Ortman. I looked up to him a ton, and used a lot of what he taught me when I was a teacher. His huge focus was about learning how to think, not just how to do the problems, and that has always stuck with me in a variety of areas.


3. One day back in 2006, I checked my voicemail and heard this:

One new message is in your mailbox. First message…

Hi, it’s me Joe Piscopo! Yes it’s me, Joe Piscopo!

I’m sorry to come into your home like this. I just wanted to make sure that all my friends get out and vote on election day. You know I’m a Democrat but I’m going to vote for Tom Kean.

Always be proud to be from the state of New Jersey. And get out and vote!

Have you gotten any robocalls from ’80s celebrities this (or any) election cycle?

Nope. But I do get robocalls from Bill Snyder and Frank Martin from time to time.


4. Time for another edition of ‘what are you reading? (Do you recommend it?)’

The Know-It-All by AJ Jacobs. No question about it. It’s rare that I literally laugh out loud at a book, and this one gets me frequently.  Jacobs has a way of writing that draws you in, makes you care about a pointless quest, and entertains you the entire time.