FHH: Dark Side Early

At various times I’ve done a more or less consistent job of participating in Mental Floss’ Friday Happy Hour, and then cross posting it to my blog. I haven’t done it in a really long time, but perhaps I should restart it. Afterall, I did redesign the site, I may as well actually use it.

So as per usual… the questions are theirs, the responses are mine. Feel free to jump in here or on their site:

capture1. I’m going to test your memory here: What was your favorite toy or show or movie or song when you were six?

I was all about the Star Wars toys. Not sure of the exact chronological timeline, but I think the Imperial Shuttle was probably my favorite of the Star Wars toys. I gave into the dark side early.  I think Dukes of Hazzard was probably my favorite show.


2. What event of the last decade would you be most excited to watch a movie about in 2030?

It’s funny… you don’t really wait decades to see a film about an event anymore. But something about the decisions leading to the wars in the Middle East would be fascinating after a longer view back on the history.


3. If you were teaching someone who’d never been online how to use the internet, what sites would you show them first?

You have to start with Google. Once you get search, you can get whatever you want. Also demonstrating communication… so the obvious ones: GMail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.