Why [You Can Never Have] Too Much Information

Sure, you might not need to know every detail of life... but I'm fascinated with the idea that the information age has given birth to not just a virtually unlimited amount of information, but also an unlimited ability for anyone to disseminate it.


Friday Happy Hour: Flying Cars?

These questions, as always, come from Mental_Floss. They don’t always stay consistent about posting them, and I don’t always catch when they do. So here’s my first “weekly” Happy Hour post since July.  1. If you could trade one of your current strengths or skills for a different one, what would it be and what would you trade? Being really… Read more →


So long, Paulie

Your browser does not support iframes. Celebratory endings of careers are a somewhat new thing. It’s rare that a beloved player goes out in a way in which you know precisely what his last day will be ahead of time. And I’ve been an outspoken “hater” when it comes to the coverage of certain other player’s farewell tours. But like this… Read more →


The Twitterfication of Facebook

“Facebook is for people you know, and Twitter is for people you’d like to know.” At least that’s how it started. Of course, in the history of social networking, and the new world that it has created, that’s the mantra that the early adopters of Twitter used. And it was true at the time. Celebrities were just starting to get… Read more →


The Facebookification of Twitter

Recently on Timehop I came across an old tweet. I see plenty of my old tweets from 4 or 5 years ago, but occasionally one will show up from the year I first started using Twitter – 2007.  I was on board before many people, and if you weren’t, you might not know just how different things were at the… Read more →