About Mike

Mike Tufano-5I do social media marketing for a living, and has some other hobbies on the side, including The Salute. I’m a ridiculous K-State fan and hold season tickets for football and basketball. I’m also a Chicago fan… Bulls & Bears & Hawks & Sox.

I dig shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Parks & Rec. I also follow some foreign shows like Rev., Klown, and Prisoners of War. My taste in movies goes in down a similar path.

On the professional side, I’m available for weddings, bah mitzvahs, and to consult for your business or organization’s digital marketing needs.

  • Robert Shauchunas II


    We wanted to thank you for the amazing presentation at the Dallas REI Expo Saturday and Sunday. You were by far the best of the bunch! Cheers to you sir. If your ever back in Dallas I would be happy to give you the scoop on all the local craft beer spots.



    • Thanks Robert. I appreciate you coming… and I just may take you up on that next time I’m there.