The Salute: A K-State Podcast

The SaluteCory and I host a weekly podcast on all things K-State sports.  We do it from the simple perspective of a couple fans without any inside info, or special expertise.  Always trying to make it entertaining as well as somewhat informative, we look at the games we just finished, ahead to the next week, and discuss any other news surrounding K-State sports.

You can find us at and you can use this link to add us to iTunes, Zune, or whatever other podcast application you use.

We’d also love to hear from you.  Email us at or you can text us or leave a voicemail at (601)885-EMAW.  Anything you send or say could be used on an upcoming podcast unless you ask us not to use it.  Please be sure to leave your name and the city you’re from as well, so we can identify you on the show.

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