Friday Happy Hour: Pizza and Beer

Every week Mental Floss does their Friday Happy Hour.  Sometimes I steal it… This is one of those weeks.  Questions theirs, answers mine.

1. “1-877-KARS-4-KIDS. K-A-R-S KARS-4-KIDS. 1-877-KARS-4-KIDS, donate your car today.” I find myself humming this radio jingle at least once a day. What jingles have been lodged in your head for years?

Anyone who went to K-State has the same answer for this… “At 776-5577 call us now at Pizza Shuttle.  For fast and friendly, delivery… pizza the way it’s supposed to be.  Give us a call and you’ll agree… it’s Pizza Shuttle Pizza for me! Call 776-5577… call us now at Pizza Shuttle!”

2. Fast forward 10 years. How will you get your local news in 2021? Do you think something like the AOL Patch model can be sustainable? Will independent newspapers/websites be able to generate enough revenue to employ professional journalists? Should we bring the town crier back?

I feel like we’re nearing a sustainable model consisting of online text and video.  I’m not sure how much local tv news will hold on in their current form.  I see news as a whole as being an on demand thing.

3. Last week, Cole Gamble told us about four upcoming questionable toy-to-movie adaptations (includingBattleship). We can do better. What’s something you think should be made into a movie? Could be a moment in history, someone’s life story, a book, TV show or, if you like, a toy or game.

Remember the “We like the moon” spongemonkeys that eventually did the Quiznos commercial? How has that not become a feature length film yet?  I’d go see it.

4. Can I get you a drink? (I can’t really. Stay with me.) But pretend I could get you a drink. Any drink. Coffee, soda, beer, wine, tea, juice, flavored water, or your choice of spirit, served any way you wish. What would you order?

Probably just because it’s not possible anymore, and barely was attainable when it was possible, I’d have you get me pitcher of Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale.  The draft version (they were different). And since I can have it served in any way, I’ll just go ahead and take the whole keg.