Little freakin’ Debbie

Sure, it came completely out of nowhere.  Someone mentioned to me on Twitter that they had Nutty Bars for breakfast.  Someone else said they prefer Swiss Rolls.  So I asked for a completely unscientific poll on what the best Little Debbie snack was*.  Personally, I voted for Nutty Bars, which I thought would completely run away with the thing.  But the results are in, and Nutty Bars finished tied for 2nd.

The best part: even Debbie herself voted, so we know this was something special…

But enough’a my yakkin’… here are the results:

  • Tied with 4.5% of the vote:  Zebra Cakes, Powdered Donuts, and Star Crunch
  • 9% – Cosmic Brownies and Strawberry Shortcake Rolls (formerly known as Jelly Rolls)
  • 18.2% – Oatmeal Creme Pies (Giant and regular size votes both went in this category) and Nutty Bars

And the winner, with 31.8% of the vote:

Congratulations to Debbie, and to the entire nation of Switzerland.



*I’m confident that there will be a spike in sales of Little Debbie snacks today in the Midwest as a result of all the Tweets today
  • Swiss Rolls, FTW! The Donut Sticks dunked in coffee are pretty killer too.

    • It was tied for a long time between Nutty Bars and Swiss Rolls, and then in the end Swiss Rolls ran away with it.

  • Ryan, thanks for taking an interest and putting together this survey!

    • It was actually me, not Ryan… but anything for my favorite snack baker, Debbie.

  • My apologies….thank you, Mike!!!

    • No problem, thanks for voting, and for following along.

  • Queen of Quirky

    LOVE it. And I concur with Debbie.

    • I really had no idea that people liked Swiss Rolls that much. It wouldn’t make my top 5. But that’s Debbie for you… something for everyone. Well, except maybe diabetics.

  • Diana

    i like little debbie. it tastes like clouds