Friday Happy Hour: Committed

Haven’t done one of these in awhile, but here’s a post ripped from The Mental Floss blog.  Their questions, my answers…

1. Last week, we discussed things everybody liked except you. How about the opposite? What short-lived TV series, style of clothing, book, day of the week, vacation destination (or whatever) are you seemingly alone in liking?

There was a show called Committed that I totally loved.  It didn’t even make through an entire season, and as far as I know has never made it to DVD. I don’t know of anyone else who watched it.

2. Like Larry David, I was a history major. (“You never know when you might run into a discussion of the Franco-Prussian War,” he’s joked.)What was/is your college major? If you’re out of school, have you been able to put it to use? If you could do it all over again, would you choose something else?

Math Education.  I’ve used it a few years here and there, and now that I’d like to use it again the economy has collapsed and schools have cut all their teachers.  Do it all over again, I would have done stright math and become an actuary and make some actual money.


3. Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller’s Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN comes out next week. It’s an oral history that lasts 784 pages from the guys who brought us the excellent oral history ofSaturday Night Live. Let’s say Shales and Miller came to you looking for advice on their next project. What topic would hold your attention for 800 pages of interviews?

I would love to read one with all sorts of inside goings on at the White House.


4. We’re not due for another “What are you reading?” question until next week, but let’s use a variation of that question—what’s a great website you only recently discovered?  It’s freaking awesome if you’re an obsessive compulsive tv watcher.