Friday Happy Hour: Big Bird

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken part in a Friday Happy Hour, but why not? As always the questions come from the Mental_Floss blog, the answers come from my demented psyche.

1. For years, we described the less tech-savvy among us as being unable to set the clock on a VCR. It’s time we unplug that expression and come up with something more relevant. In 2012, what’s a better way to say you’re not so hot with all this newfangled computer stuff?

“I’ve never twittered.”


2. If my baby book is to be believed, my first Halloween costume was a pumpkin, which I followed up in subsequent years with Big Bird and a purple Honker. What was your first Halloween costume?

Had to enlist the help of my mom on this question:

Big Bird – it was a big bird hat and your winter coat – you just went across the street, but it was your first official trick or treat.

So take that Mitt.  If only there were pictures.


3. Growing up in North Jersey, we had our share of memorable field trips—The Land of Make Believe, Turtle Back Zoo, Waterloo Village, Hershey Park, various museums in New York—but my clearest memory is about a trip that wasn’t taken. After the bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103, our scheduled field trip to Newark Airport was canceled. When a classmate asked our teacher what one thing had to do with the other, she said, “You might get kidnapped by terrorists.” It’s a wonder any of us ever flew again. What was your best, worst or most memorable field trip?

Chicago. 3 hour drive from where I grew up, but in 5th grade we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. I always loved that place as a kid.