Friday Happy Hour: Flying Cars?

These questions, as always, come from Mental_Floss. They don’t always stay consistent about posting them, and I don’t always catch when they do. So here’s my first “weekly” Happy Hour post since July

capture1. If you could trade one of your current strengths or skills for a different one, what would it be and what would you trade?

Being really good at not hitting my head on things is kind of an overrated trait. I’d trade it for being a foot taller any day. Does that count?

2. If you opened your own restaurant and had a penchant for giving cutesy names to things, what would you call your signature dish?

“The neighbor’s dog.”  It can be a signature hot dog or something. I just want to see how many people question if we’re really serving dog meat. Obviously my restaurant is going to have to be a dive.

3. If apparition were real and you could live anywhere in the world and still get to work on time, where would you live? 

First off, I don’t know about this whole Harry Potter thing… but if I could do that, I don’t think it matters at all where I live, right? Because I can just go wherever I want whenever I want. So I’ll stay here.

4. When you were younger, what invention were you certain we’d have by now that we currently don’t? 

It has to be the flying car. Or really anything from the Jetsons. The self cleaning home would be far better than the flying car.

5. What’s the silliest thing that has ever startled you? 

Tiny dogs (see #2).

6. If you could Freaky Friday with one person, who would it be? 

My first inclination would be to say Bill Snyder. But I’d hate to think that I might make a stupid decision and cost K-State a game. So instead I’ll go with Wyatt Thompson, and call the game. Clearly this is going to have to be Freaky Friday on a Saturday.