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The Path

Things aren’t always as you plan. The NCAA Baseball Tournament’s Manhattan regional has given me the welcome excuse to spend a weekend in the promised land. Complete with crashing in the dorm’s guest housing, as though it was the late 90s all over again. Today I took a walk through campus. Not a quick walk with a specific destination, but… Read more →


If you’re reading this you probably know that I’m the co-host of The Salute, a fan podcast1 about K-State sports2 on  We don’t do it for money, or really any other reason than to amuse ourselves, but Cory and I thought we could try and do it for something just a bit more, at least this once… so we’ve decided… Read more →

Passion vs. Bias

Last week I was asked a question. It was a fair question about an issue that had come up in conversation. I was in a room full of people, but it was certainly possible that only one person really cared what my answer was. The topic happened to be something that I am very passionate about, and one that I… Read more →

Never forget this…

Has it really been 10 years? Social networks are covered today with “Never Forget” and “Where were you when…?”  On a day like today we can’t help but look back. Our ongoing process of healing demands that we focus on a tragedy that for a brief moment, which felt like an eternity, united these States in such a way that… Read more →

Everything Sucks.

Let’s get this straight right now… I can’t stand Harry Potter.  So what? It’s not my thing.  I don’t care that people love it.  I don’t care that some people love it to the extent that ignore reality and begin to attempt to use spells in real life1.   Even that’s fine as long as they don’t expect me to… Read more →

I ♥ KC

We all know who Chris Sullentrop is, right?  Oh, no?  Well, he’s just some jackass that grew up in KC but moved to NYC for “a bigger stage and a bigger paycheck.”  And that’s fine.  Kansas City isn’t New York City or Chicago or LA.  It doesn’t give the same opportunities, and it doesn’t have all the same sports teams (Though… Read more →

I ♥ NY!

It’s well known that when it comes to sports I’m a Chicago guy.  I never thought I’d start a post with “I Love New York,” but for tonight I do.  New York has passed a law and now will become the 6th state to recognize equality in marriage for everyone. I’ve spent most of my life living in a dark… Read more →