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Bracket Time

We all know what time of year it is.  Bracket time is back.  I don’t care what all you Christmas, summer, or other time of year lovers say, starting this week we’re in the most wonderful time of the year. It’s March, baby! So my yearly bracket contest is back. As always it’s just for fun, no money involved, but… Read more →


If you’re reading this you probably know that I’m the co-host of The Salute, a fan podcast1 about K-State sports2 on  We don’t do it for money, or really any other reason than to amuse ourselves, but Cory and I thought we could try and do it for something just a bit more, at least this once… so we’ve decided… Read more →

Cheer Loud, K-State

Back in December K-State played West Virginia and the big conversation was whether or not Bob Huggins should have been cheered or booed. There were plenty of great points on both sides. Those who cheered pointed out that Huggins gave the Cats the jump start they needed to be a top 25 type program again. Those who booed pointed out… Read more →

At What Cost?

Every serious K-State fan knows what happened this week.  At least we know a few bits and pieces.  Message boards started going crazy on Tuesday, and the K-State Twitter world soon followed, when rumors started to fly about Curtis Kelly.  He was kicked off the team for failing drug tests.  He was still on the team, and the best player… Read more →

Jordy for President!

Why yes, that is a man with a Superbowl ring along with me and boys.  During his rookie year with Green Bay, Jordy Nelson was back at K-State and tailgated next to us, so we took a second to snap a picture. I wasn’t rooting for Green Bay.  As a Chicago Bears fan, I would never do such an evil… Read more →